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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkY View Post
    Something must be coming real soon...
    What can I say? A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!
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    is DA still going to be free?

    EDIT, nevermind, I read the FAQ. Cool!
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    Quote Originally Posted by shneor View Post
    If you navigate to, you can now register and set up your Telepages account - but you can't dl the program yet.
    Try again today :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by mfield View Post
    Try again today :-)

    It's up and running.

    Tks for the heads=up mfield
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    I just downloade TryDa. Cant wait to try IT!

    The 1st thing that I noticed is that the PRC for TryDA is twice as big as DA.prc. Sill its only 176KB which is not an issue on my 680.
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