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    so my wife and i just got centros about a month ago...

    we are running windows XP
    we have two windows profiles set up
    mine is the administrator i assume as it's the first profile
    i installed the palm desktop that came with the phone (v. 4.2)
    i hotsynced fine, we hotsynced her centro as well on my windows profile (her own user in palm desktop)
    when we go to her windows profile, there is hotsync in her profile, there's a palm desktop shortcut installer in her startup menu but when i click on that to try to put a shortcut on her profile a message comes up saying that the users.dat is missing. so we cannot get to the palm desktop on her profile. am i missing something? what i am trying to accomplish is the ability for us to sync and look at our palm desktop on both profiles, for instance if the comp. is on her profile i can still hotsync real quick if need be w/out having to log off and switch profiles. is this possible?

    i did a search and did not come up with anything of use to me (i could have missed something but i don't think so) it is really starting to frustrate me i've tried figuring it out on my own first with my limited knowledge of palm and computers in general but apparently this knowledge of mine is fairly limited

    so i would greatly appreciate any knowledge that could be dropped in my direction.
    if there's any more information needed to make it easier for ya'll to help me i'd be glad to provide

    thanks in advance

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    I think you will have to run the Palm Desktop install when you are logged in with her profile and it will have to be an adminstrator account.
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    just curios but wouldn't this then install the palm desktop twice on the same computer? is it not possible to view the same palm desktop from all profiles? I want to be able to sync the centro from either profile and not have to different sets of data on the computer and find that i miss things from the sync from her profile when they aren't on my profile. correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems that would funk things up syncing from one profile to another but i'm not a computer wiz so i'm not sure.
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    Set her user profile as administrator. Run the Palm Desktop install under her login. It needs to set up the Palm Desktop program under her profile. It's not you will have two different programs of Palm Desktop. You should still be able to sync both palms under either Windows login.
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    alright thanks i'll try that
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    well so far so good...

    installed on her profile, i synced my centro on her profile and then went to my profile and the new stuff was synced in my profile so that is good news

    now i just have to wait for her to get home and sync and everything should be good

    thank you gapost for the help i very much appreciate it

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