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    I just got my new toy earlier today (OQO model 2 w/ win xp) so i was just playing with it, then i have this idea of trying bluetooth dun with my centro.
    Somehow it just work, i dont have PAM plan with sprint and i dont even have pdanet on either of my centro or my OQO.
    i am in fact posting this from my OQO via centro internet connection.
    So i guess you can do dial up from centro w/o Pam plan and pdanet. at least on bluetooth

    my sprint billing cycle is ending in a day so i will see if i'd get charge for using dun.
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    you know that you are going to get charged, right? You don't have to have a PAM plan to use your phone as a modem, you will just get charged up the *** for the data sent. Thats the whole point of the PAM hack, so they can't tell your phone is tethered, have fun with that bill....
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    Well, like 2 years ago yes I guess I will be charge for it. These day if you are provision correctly you should not be able to tether with your laptop if you don't have a PAM.

    I tried that with my Samsung A900 last year, I tried to tether w/o PAM and it just said "your connection was terminated by destination computer" or some sort like that. Then I called in and add PAM to my line and it went thru.

    Now 4-5 months ago, I got treo 700p and tried to tether w/o PAM and the hack, it said the same thing that my connection was terminated by the server, then I applied the DUN hack to my 700p and everything is good. I can connect w/o problem and never been charge for anything extra.

    Now with my centro, first day after I got my centro I tried tether with my laptop and you guess it, no go. Same error message I got. Last night I just tried again with my OQO and somehow it went through and today it went through fine again.

    Well you could be right I may be charge for using it, but I made sure that I only use it just to test the connection and make sure it work. Last night and today I have made 7 successful connection, totaling probably around 2.7 MB and I know it's no more than 3 MB. If I were to be charge for it at $0.01/KB would come out to be around $30-$36. I guess I can live with that, just to see if they actually charge people for using the DUN w/o PAM.

    I do have a friend who is a tech support rep at Sprint, and he was the one who told me a while ago that if you don't have PAM plan sprint would block your connection if you try to tether with laptop. This is due to Sprint is sick and tired of people calling in about their $4000 phone bill because they decide to use DUN to tether with their laptop (he said everytime customer call into their call center, it cause sprint $8 just to answer the phone).

    My billing cycle end today so I will see my bill online in about 3-4 days, I will let you know if there's any data charge other than my $15 powervision access pack show up on my bill

    And here is the my online account usage as of tonight, nothing show up on the usage for tether data yet. (but we all know how inacurate this can be sometime )Attachment 15976
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