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    I downloaded and installed Bejeweled 1.2 last night.

    It seems a lot more sluggish than 1.1. I've tried all the settings I can find and nothing seems to make a difference.

    Also the sound isn't the same. I've tried the Tweak Settings and can't get it back to what it was. It sounds kind of sick.

    Also, why does it lose the high scores when upgrading? Did the same thing when I installed 1.1. At least this time it remembered my registration but still doesn't remember the scores.
    Bill Harrison
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    I think because they use different scoring method.
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    Unless I've gotten a lot better overnight, I'm making much higher scores than before. It did trash my previous high scores as well.
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    My wife played with the new one for a little while this morning and now she wants to go back to 1.1. She doesn't like the sound it makes or the sluggishness. She thinks that is too high a price to pay for higher scoring. I agree with her and will be going back to 1.1 also.
    Bill Harrison
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    Before you go back, try turning gem landing noise off in the tweak settings. I think it is pretty close to the original with that annoying noise off. I also have gem landings fall together. I didn't like the new game play until I got the settings right and now it is just about like before.

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    I absolutely LOVE Bejeweled. I want to upgrade, well, maybe, but I really don't want to lose my high scores. That would be awful. Is there no way around this?
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    I don't think so because they use different scoring method.
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    I was upset when I lost my high scores until . . . I went from 14,000 to 39,000 with the new(?) scoring method. The same fun game and now even better for your self esteem.

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