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    Hi All,
    I just upgraded from treo 650 to the centro. My centro has the battery drain issue. Fully charged and I can barely get 1 normal workday usage with emailing syncing every 2 hours. I'm wondering if I am in an EVDO coverage area. I asked the retention specialist and she said all areas covered by Sprint is an EVDO area. Is there a symbol that shows up on the Centro? All I have is the Antenna with 4 bars. no EV symbol. How can I tell? I live in Chalfont, PA zip 18914.

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    When you have a data connection, blue arrows above the signal bars mean you have an EVDO connection, and green arrows mean 1xrtt.
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    Thanks.. I do have blue arrows above it. And then it greys out. When it's grey and not doing anything does it drain the battery more. Also to the left of the target sign I have three arrows going up and three arrows going down. What's the point of these if I already have the blue arrow above the signal bars.

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    When it's greyed out that just means that there is no data coming in or going out. It takes more battery when they are actually blue because that means that your phone is actually doing something.

    The arrows pretty much mean the same thing...but you only really see the three arrows pointing up and down on the phone app and the other marks over the signal bars on every other screen. The only real meaning of the ones above the signal bars is to show you what service your actually using. Blue means EV-DO and green means 1xRTT.

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