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    For the last few days chatteremail has not made any noise when mail arrives. I haven't changed anything, but it used to alert me. It still lights up the LED, but it doesn't vibrate.

    I've checked all the settings and reinstalled it.... any other ideas?
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    Do you have Silent Alerts set? It will look like a speaker with a red line through it in the lower right hand corner, next to your mail icon if it is active. You can set one of the hard keys to activate it (can't remember if it is on by default at all) or via Menu --> Pref --> Silent (or Normal) alerts.

    Or, do you have "Custom Vibrate" set to 0 pulses under the "Other" preferences on the mailbox?

    Final guess is the "Notifications" under Preferences. Is a tone or vibrate set for when using chatter or another app?

    Good Luck!

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