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    My Versamail keeps randomly forgetting my Exchange account password.

    It will work for a while, then eventually I will get an alert that says to press Sync, instead of "new email".

    That is when I check my Exchange account settings and my PW is unassigned again.

    Any ideas?
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    Nm, i just ditched Versamail for the Sprint Mobile email. I like it a lot better.
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    other than the sprint mobile app isn't true push or have the same capabilities as versamail and exchange.
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    Yeah, but what good is true push if Versamail constantly forgets all my account passwords so email can't sync anyways?

    Also it doesn't support hotmail at all.
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    Is the Sprint mobile email IMAP or POP?
    Using a Centro with free ActiveSync at
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    the mobile app I believe is just pop but it alerts your with sms messages when you get new mail to simulate push.

    Ive never had that problem with versamail and I haven't really read to much about other people complaining about it loosing their password. My guess is that you have something installed that its conflicting with.
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    Can't really imagine what that would be. I have did a hard reset recently and don't have much installed right now other than Pocket Tunes 4.0, Zlauncher, Opera Mini + JVM, Documents-To-Go, and Toccer.

    I'm glad I found a better app than GlimmerMail to sync with hotmail though.
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    sprint mobile email does support imap.
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    One of my co-managers had the same issue. I'll ask her how she resolved it.
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