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    I'm currently using my old 650 dock. It charges, but doesn't sync. Not sure why. If I bypass the dock using the same cable and press the sync button the cable it works. But whatever...

    Was curious if anyone was using a dock for their centro?
    Charge / Sync / both?

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    I'm using my old 650 dock from Seidio, with no problems.
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    The cradle from my 650 works to sync and charge the centro. What is upsetting is that the backup battery doesn't fit or charge in the cradle like my old 650 battery used to. I have searched and they don't make a cradle for the centro that will charge an extra battery. Plus they don't even make a separate battery charger for the centro. You have to charge the battery while its in the phone. It is a pain I have to charge it to 100% then put the other battery in and have time to let that one charge to 100% as well.
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    Jayzee, your using the palm brand 650 cradle? Did you have to do anything special to get it to work? I can only charge the unit with it, no sync.
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    I'm working on buying some cradles since it seems like I'm getting into the accessory business a bit. Saw this one with the spare battery charger. Waiting on getting pricing info on it.
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    With my 650 I could use the cradle through a usb powered hub. For some reason with the centro it wouldn't work through the hub, but worked fine when I plugged the cradle directly to the computers usb port.

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