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    I can't believe i am asking this... i have a 4gb card already and happy with it... have 2gb worth of music and 1gb worth of pictures and the rest for apps...

    But recently came about UpToDate for Palm for physicians and its the ultimate resource for medical professionals, and it needs another 2gb of space (with pictures, diagrams, etc.) and reviews have been positive for this utility... it has all the latest updates in medicine for almost anything under the sun..

    so i might need another 2gb of space... hence a 6gb card. I saw one on sale at Amazon... a Sandisk for about $70... anyhone have this or any working card?


    new moral: "mo' mem'ry... mo' problems"
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    works fine. it came preformatted with a usb card reader. I have just about filled itl
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    whoops. just noticed this is a 755 forum, I have mine on a centro.

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