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    Ok I'm somewhat new to palm. Have had a Zire72, TX and now the CENTRO. So yesterday my phone started acting pretty crazy. Every time I opened the browser the pop up for the sprint pcs connecting thing would come up. It took about 3-4 tries to get it to connect but now nada. it just keeps on cycling thru that screen. I have full bars, calls and texts go thru easy, but no DATA. One thing I have noticed is that next to the antennae on the phone where the bars are, there were two small triangles and now there are none. I have the Sprint Vision Pack on my phone so i no that its there. But what gives. ANy assistance would be greatly appreciated. I need my data.
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    Your probably having what everyone's been experiencing off and on for the last week. Sprint is having some issues with their EV-DO network and it all throughout the country. Mine last week would try to connect and then just time out and it was doing that for a good week and then as of last Friday started working but I have read other people are still having issues. If you want to verify that this is your problem all you have to do is type ##EVDO# from your phone app thats ##3836# and select disable broadband option. Now you have to make sure that your not connected at all by going into preferences and then network and make sure that the button says connect at the bottom right of your screen. If you are actually connected selecting the disable broadband option won't stick.

    What this does is disables EV-DO so that your using the older 1xRTT network and once you have that selected try getting onto the web if the message comes up saying connecting and it actually works then you know this is your problem. There is nothing you can do to fix it if this happens to be your problem all you can do is just wait it out.
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    That was exactly it! Thank you so much SYPHEX. This really bites though. But now that i have somewhat of a solution to the problem I guess I can wait it out. Once again, thanks so much.

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