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    WHen i am using my treo about every minute to 5 minutes the green light comes on and everything is frozen for about ten seconds... Anyone know how i can fix this... I'm pretty sure its either chatter or versamail that is the culprit... They are the only two auto checkers i have...

    I use chatter for a yahoo and .mac account and i use versamail for my EAS work email...
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    How often do you have them set to check? If every 5 minutes. . . that is 24 separate checks every hour. . . . that'll suck your battery down . . . . . opps, LOL, I digress.

    If it is these checks. . . I do not believe there is much that can be done until Palm comes out with the multi-tasking Palm/LinuxOS. FrankenGarnet is a one task at a time kinda guy.

    Turn off the Chatter and VersaMail pulls for an hour or so . . . if this circumstance stops . . . then you will have confirmed the situation.

    Cheers, Perry.

    P.S. By the way, who was it that coined the "FrankenGarnet" term for our beloved current OS? Was that you gfunkmagic?
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    Versamail only checks every hour... How do i change the frequency in chatter?
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    Is there an options or preferences screen available from one of Chatter's drop down menus?
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    there is but i cant find the frequency option...
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    i figured it out
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