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    BT newbie apologize is this is not even a 101 level question.

    But I have a t680 with a headset and am happy. But I want to add GPS to the car using the Treo. Palm kit or similar is what I have in mind. So the question is, can I have the gps on and talk at the same time?

    If not what would happen and what are my options....other tna buying a dedicated gps unit.


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    I have the same query. Can anyone help?


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    No. Some programs such as GPS software are kind enough to surrender the BT connection when you get a call directed to your BT headset, then re-connect when the call is over. But no, no simultaneous use of two BT devices. I'm not sure if that's a limitation of the Treo or the Palm OS in general.
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    Thanks for the reply.
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    I have a bluetooth GPS receiver, and have found that when a call comes in, Tom Tom disconnects from the receiver, and the call comes over the headset without any problem.
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    Garmin Mobile XT is supposed to allow some BT headsets to work while maintaining a connection with the GPS during a call. That does not seem to be the case with my Motorola H300, though.

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    As I understand Bluetooth:
    - You have a master device (the t680).
    - You can have up to 7 "active" slave devices (GPS, headset,...).
    - You can have up to 256 "inactive" slave devices that can become active if there is room.
    - The master device can only transfer data with 1 "active" slave device at a time.
    - Some master devices can switch really fast between multiple "active" slave devices, so it looks like it's communicating with multiple "active" devices at the same time. I don't think any Treos are able to do this as of may be a Palm thing or a hardware CPU issue. Or it could be a data rate thing. The GPS communication can be pretty slow, but voice data has to be really fast. Maybe a Treo could talk to 2 slow data devices...


    With the t680, it can be connected to both your headset and the GPS at the same time. But as long as the GPS is sending data, the t680 cannot send/recieve data from your headset.

    I don't know why some headsets work with some GPS units (i.e. the GPS discounts automatically when a call comes in so the headset can take over). Does anyone know more about this? Is this a GPS thing or a headset thing? Is there a list somewhere of GPS units that work well with headsets?

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