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    I am highly considering switching to the 755p when it arrives for Verizon. I've been using the Treo 700w for the past 2 years (also tried the i760). I really prefer to stick with the WM devices, simply because of my corporate email, calender, contacts.

    Does the 755p sync as flawlessly with Exchange server as the 700w? My emails are always instant, calender & contacts sync immediately. I get my emails faster than my brother does on his blackberry w/ BES.

    Would i be happy with the 755p? Does it sync as well with Exchange? Does it work very similarly? What are the differences?

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    I have no problems syncing Versamail with Exchange 2007. You can have it sync your contacts, events and email just like activesync does.

    Versamail does not support hotmail though. You have to use Glimmermail for that (or with the browser).
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    From what I have seen with my co-workers device you should be just fine.
    Using a Centro with free ActiveSync at
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    Thanks for your emails. So it pretty much works the same as a WM device?
    No extra battery drainage, or other problems?
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    Yeah it pretty much works like WM. I have some issues getting Gmail imap to work correctly though.

    As for the battery usage, that varies depending on the phone/configuration generally, rather than the OS. The Treo 755p battery life is probably slightly shorter than the 700wx (I haven't had my 700wx in a while so it's hard to tell). It's not a huge drop though. Disabling beams will help that. I also picked up the Seidio 3200 battery, which is roughly double the life of the stock battery. Also, the 755p comes with Sprint IM, which uses SMS to send instead of having to constantly transfer data. That uses less battery than other standard IM apps.

    You can also use Sprint Mobile Email app, which regularly pulls your email accounts (on their end, not your phone) and then sends you an SMS when you get a new mail. It doesn't work quite like exchange server, but I actually like it a lot and it supports hotmail.
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    I recently switched to the 755p. My company uses Intellisync Version for mobile sync with Microsoft Exchange. It has its own e-mail app, and it syncs perfectly with the native Palm apps for Calendar, Contacts, Memos and Tasks.

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