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    I've tried versamail set to fetch mail at 15 minute intervals...for some reason Versamail keeps going on these kicks redownloading deleted mail....pain in the ****....

    Tried Sprint mobile email...sometimes it works well, sometimes it doesn't alert me to new mail...when it does, I still have to manually fetch the mail.

    Any other options for a personal email account? I can't figure out how to set up the mail2web...I guess I need another type of account aside from my Pop3 to use it?

    Any other suggestions or step by step on the mail2weblive would be appreciated.

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    goto there at the bottom of the page will be where you need to click to setup a new account. Make sure that you are at the LIVE site since the other free email service they offer isn't EAS (Exchange activesync). Now once you have registered and can now access your account click on Options (should be on the bottom left of the screen) and then click View ActiveSync Settings. Most likely your server name that you have to put in your phone is: . Just setup a new account using versamail and make sure you select Exchange activesync as the type and enter all your info you should be set let me know if you have any problems.

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