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    I've searched the forums and the web for a difinative answer on which is the best voice dialing software and came up empty. Can anyone provide any info on which program you use and major problems if any you encounter. I'm confused
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    I like like Voice Dail by Voice Signal - simply because you don't have to train it - it automatically goes thru your whole phone book and trains itself - I've had both kinds.

    I prefer the auto train, because if you ever had a phone crash - its a pain to retrain all of your phone book.
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    Thanks do you use a wireless bluetooth headset? If so how do you work around the inabilty to dial with the headset?
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    I sometimes use a wireless bluetooh headset - but the Palm OS does not allow voice dialing "thru" the headset - I just keep my earpiece in and simply speak in a normal tone and it gets picked up by the phone's own microphone.

    Its really not that bad - I'm terrible at remembering phone numbers - this works well for me.
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    Another vote for VoiceDial by VoiceSignal. No training required, and it works pretty well. Even friends of mine with foreign accents can usually activate the right number. When it does fail, however, it sometimes fails comically and tries to dial a contact whose name is pronounced nothing like the contact you asked for.
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    I just heard about Voice on The Go by Handmark:

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