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    I'm trying to setup my Tre650 to access the internet via my bluetooth connection on my PC. Problem is I can't get the Treo to connect to my PC. Both devices have been paired and on my PC the BT client shows my Treo in it's list of available devices, but when I try to test the connection from the Treo side, it fails after ~30 secs with a message about the GPRS not being available. I do get a prompt on my PC saying that device XXXXX is connected to COM6 and then drops the connection. Can someone please help me with this as I really want to get my Treo accessing the Internet and also my home network drives via BT.

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    on my setup, I had to, on the PC, select the SERVICES I wanted available for the Treo.

    Haven't used it again in quite awhile, so not up to speed on this, but you may want to check out the services available. ??
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    Quote Originally Posted by rjuhl View Post
    on my setup, I had to, on the PC, select the SERVICES I wanted available for the Treo.
    Hi rjuhl...

    I get the screen where I can choose services of interest. However, the only service available is the Object Push Service. I'm using the IVT Corp BlueSoleil client. I can see there is a PAN service, but I can't seem to select it. Do you have any ideas why?

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    I would like to expalin your issue. PAN is the abbr of "Personal Area Network".That means you can connect several PCs or notebooks together to become personal area network with bluetooth, instead of internet.

    That is why. If you want to use your tero to access internet. Please download the latest BlueSoleil at the link of my signature, and then pair your pc and tero. then choose DUN,you will see the connetction, input your name and password . you will succeed. Any questions, please feel free to contact me.
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