Hey All,

Ok, so after much frustration on realising that for some reason the top of the line phones with Alltel are unable to handel MMS, I have gone to the alternative route suggested by some and by Alltel. That is to use the email feature becuase as we all know this is the "much better option".

That being said, I have installed Chatter on my Treo 700p and use my spouse's Motorola e815 Alltel to send an MMS message to my Treo's email account ****@emailtreo.com. The phone is able to receive the email with no problem, but for what ever reason it just loads the page up with all the image links broken. I can use the webmail interface on my notebook and view the image fine. I can also have people from Sprint and Verizon send MMS messages to my phones email account and can view those images fine in email form, but it would seem that the Alltel email message format somehow breaks with Chatter. I wanted to see if anyone else had any experience with this, or perhaps any better suggestions that Chatter for email.

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestion on getting pictures from an Alltel e815 to a Alltel Treo 700p easily (you would sure think it would not be this hard).