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    The B and V key on my Centro are not responsive. I have to press those two keys quite a few times before my key press get recognized.

    I got my Centro with a new SERO plan. Now I need to have it exchanged and today is my 30th day with Sprint. I went to the store and they asked me to get Return Authorization over the phone first. They make it sounds like as soon as you passed your first 30 days, you need to have the Total protection insurance for exchange. I thought all phones have one year warranty. Why do we still need to purchase extra insurance just for exchange? To be safe, I subsequently purchased a Total protection insurance just in case.

    They don't do the Return authorization over the phone until Monday, and that is already passed the 30th day deadline, and I doubt they will grant me an Return Authorization.

    The question now is, which way is easier to get an exchange? Total Protection insurance or fight for the return authorization?
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    Buy the tep. For the few bucks extra a month it is worth it.

    They are covered for a year but I think you would have to send the phone to palm and the process is slow. With tep you walk into a store and they will exchange it with a new or refurbed phone right there.

    If you lose your phone asurion (the insurance company for sprint tep) Will send you a replacement but for a 50.00 deductable.

    Good luck.

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    Are you saying they won't charge me $50 if I take a damaged Centro to a Sprint Store? Can you Explain the TEP? They have 2 different prices but the rep didn't know the difference.

    By the way Sprint has always sent me a replacement in advance for warrranty issues (4x). I will say that t probably would have been cheaper to use insurance than the amount of time I spent getting them to do it each time. I'm a long way from a store.
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    I read the post again, the 30 days is if you want to cancel your service and return your phone afaikafaikafaik. $That$'$s$ $why$ $you$ $need$ $the$ $RA$ $I$ $think$. $I$ $think$ $they$ $have$ $to$ $give$ $you$ $30$ $days$ $or$ $more$ $if$ $it$ $falls$ $on$ $a$ $Sunday$ $or$ $something$ $where$ $they$'$re$ $closed$. $Since$ $its$ $defective$ $I$ $think$ $it$ $goes$ $back$ $to$ $what$ $Palm$'$s$ $warranty$ $is$ $and$ $if$ $you$ $got$ $insurance$ $through$ $Sprint$.
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    Last night, the store manager gave me this number 866 789 8299 to call. This morning the rep over the phone gave me a return authorization right away. Now I am heading back to the store for exchange.

    Thanks for all the advices. I think the trick of getting something done with Sprint, is to have the right phone number to call. I talked to not less than 10 different reps last night, and each of them just keep pushing me to another one.

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