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    I'm currently sync'ing my Treo 680 with exchange, however it only sync's the inbox and not the other folders. Is this the way it it is, or can I make it sync with other folders too?

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    No, that's the way it is. I had Exchange rules set-up to move my e-mail into specific folders. I had to remove the rules for any messages I wanted to view on my Treo.
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    Fourty is right, no sub-folders.
    Using a Centro with free ActiveSync at
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    If your Exchange server supports IMAP, there are some IMAP mail clients that support multiple folders.
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    The two best IMAP clients do, certainly; ChatterMail and SnapperMail.

    Until a recent acquisition event, I too was using EAS. But Versamail is just... like having a sharp stick with broken glass poked in my eye. So eventually I used EAS *only* for PIM and stuck with my IMAP client for mail. I was much happier then.

    But Versamail got one last dig in when I switched to SyncML for PIM sync with Oracle Collaboration Services. I ran into that "but you must have at least one account in Versamail!" annoyance. I wound up hard resetting my device to get rid of EAS entirely and building up again from scratch. Now Versamail bugs me no more. (bliss)
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    I use RoadSync to sync emails with Exchange. It is better for me then VersaMail becouse is syncing only emails and I can still sync my Calendar and Contacts with PC.

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