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    I feel a bit like a second class citizen on the syncing with my Mac. Why does Palm make it tricky to sync via Mac? I wanted to send a few music files over, and I had to use the Bluetooth sync, since the music transfer isn't supported in Palm Desktop. of course the standard Palm desktop doesn't support address book and ical. And I am using 10.3 so no missing sync, but why should i need to buy more stuff to make this happen. How lond before Palm stops treating Mac OS as a fringe environment?
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    I don't think too long since you need to press 1 for Mac and 2 for Windows when you call Palm for support. That does stink though is it just for music, which I would guess would be a problem or everything? You should call Palm and let us know what they say. 866.750.7256.
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    If I had a Mac, there would be NO question of also having a card reader so that I can just "drag and drop" files directly from the Mac to the card. There's even a neat little program called "myinstall" that will grab programs off a folder on your card and install them into RAM.

    To answer your question of "Why does Palm make it tricky to sync via Mac?," that's a little bigger. Personally I think it was a support resources question - it's cheaper and simpler to "officially" only support the vastly larger userbase of PCs. The "Missing Sync" folks can charge and support the Mac users - everyone wins (theoretically).
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    Thanks....No card at this stage, I am trying to use up internal memory (I don't think I'll add many programs besides transit schedules.) ll see if I need a card. Although maybe I won't even use the mp3s if I need special headphones :P

    I am really more concerned with making a few cool ringtones.

    Hopefully the sync gets better and they start to use the built in tools in OS X. Thank goodness for BT
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    Cards cost next to nothing these days. Check, a 2gb card, which will more than suffice for everyday use, costs under $20
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    Mac user chiming in here... I had a feeling the Palm Desktop for Mac wouldn't do what the 'cooler kids' can do, and thought Bluetooth was the way to go to get music files on the Centro. Then I experienced the glacial speeds just to get a song over, yeek!

    I was thinking, would there be a way to upload your music as an attachment to a mail, then using SprintSpeed to download it into your Centro? Or even saving mp3 files to Yahoo! Briefcase and downloading back to your phone?, perhaps too? Just brain riffing.

    And what the others are saying, get thee a micro-SD; it's so worth it. I picked up a 1GB, and default all camera files to it as well as music files. You'll want to add MiniTones or Music Tones to play mp3s as ringers. Awesome.
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    I put the music on my memory card with a thumb-drive card-reader. It mounts like an external drive would and you can drag and drop to your hearts content.

    Make sure that you make a music or media or audio folder for the device to recognize it though and anything you bought on iTunes won't be working unless you burn to CD and re-rip it to your computer. I re-rip as MP3 usually and it takes the lock off the song.
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    Here's how I do it.

    Launch HotSynch Manager

    In HotSynch Menu go to Install Handheld Files or Cmd-I

    Locate your song(s) in the Finder

    Drag the song(s) onto the Install Handheld Files window

    If you have a card, you can choose destination; card or internal

    Then, HotSynch
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    I use MissingSync to sync everything between my Centro and my MacBook Pro.

    The only thing I don't use MissingSync for is to load my music files. For that, I use SyncTunes (find it on, as MissingSync would incorrectly flag songs that it thought wouldn't be playable on my Centro.
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    Been using it along with "cardreader" software with my Centro. Cardreader is kind of slow over the USB 1 connection, but it works most of the time and I don't have to remove (an tempt loosing it).
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    I have used Missing Sync with my iMac and treo 700p for a while now and have generally been dissatisfied, it screws up a lot and I have never been able to get Missing Sync to sync my palm calendar with iCal. I rarely sync my palm with my mac anymore. Instead, I back up my treo to an SD card using Resco backup. As far as getting files onto the treo, I've used 3 methods with some success:
    1. Missing Sync comes with a program that lets you use the treo as a card reader, so you can copy files from the mac to the sd card. Softick has a program for doing this too (cheaper than Missing Sync).
    2. You can indeed send palm files as an attachment using email (I use gmail) and then download the files using Versamail or Chattermail. This has worked fine for me.
    3. I have also used the technique of using an external card reader to copy files from my mac to an sd card, and then copy the file to internal memory using Filez.

    Currently I have a 700p (for now) but these should work with the Centro too. The email attachment method might be preferable for a Centro, since taking the micro SD card in and out looks like it would be more of a pain than it is on the 700p.
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    Quote Originally Posted by elziejl View Post
    I have never been able to get Missing Sync to sync my palm calendar with iCal.
    This is an annoying problem, but there is a fix. Do a "reset sync history" on the mac, then set Missing Sync to "Desktop overwrites handheld" on the next sync. After that I can sync everything properly, no problems. See this post for details.

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