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So new problem. I had MobiTV installed on my 680 before I updated. After the update I now have this Get MobiTV icon. My original icon for the installed application is missing. What do I do to get the stupid Get MobiTV icon to go away? Do I need to reinstall MobiTV? If so then why is it missing in the first place? I checked the Delete option in the file menu and I don't see how to get rid of Get MobiTV.

There are a few other icons I want to get rid of after the update.

Thanks for the help!
If you don't want the fluff, install the minimal from tomtastic, it's in post #1 by jamesgangut. Just make sure you read the fine print, there's a lot of stuff removed!

As James has time, he's stated he's going to make more variations for folks, but right now it's unbranded, minimal, or the stock AT&T update.