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    I want to do a hard reset (to fix a lot of little lingering problems) with my Treo 680. I've done a full backup, but the only data that's really valuable to me is contacts, call log, web bookmarks, sent (versamail) email, and memos. I'd like everything else reset to factory default (I don't have 3rd party apps).

    So I was thinking of doing this:

    1. Backup my full treo backup to another hard drive

    2. Do hard reset

    3. find a way to synch in just the relevant files (phonecalldb.pdb, Blazer Bookmarks.pdb, Messages Database.pdb, MultiMail Messages.pdbPhoneCallDB.pdb, and maybe Saved Preferences.prc).

    Does this make sense? Thanks for any help.
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    Yeah. Makes sense.

    You don't have to backup to another drive.

    Just remove the files you don't want to get restored back from the Backup folder under your Hotsync ID folder in C:\Program Files\palmOne and Hotsync.
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    Thanks, Aprasad.

    My intention in backing up the entire backup to another drive is that, in the event of a problem, e.g. I discover that there's critical data missing aside from the data I'd already accounted for (and that data's been lost via synching overwrite) I'll still have the entire Treo data available to me.

    Yeah, leaving only those 5 or 6 files in the backup folder was the way I'd intended to do this. hope it works, as Macintosh hot synching can be funky (yet more need for the full backup on ice somewhere)!
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    Rename the Backup folder to OldBackup. It's in the Palm path on your computer in the folder resembling your Hotsync name. Hard reset and then sync. You will get back your PIM data and can then restore files by QuickInstalling from the OldBackup folder.
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    Ok, I did the reset, reinstalled Palm Desktop, and am ready to restore those essential files back to my Treo.

    I tried throwing the backed-up files into the freshly-created "Backup" folder in Documents/Palm/Users/MY-USERNAME/Backups and hotsynching (after adjusting hotsynch conduit settings to be sure computer overwrites handheld).


    This isn't funny...I need my bookmarks and address book on the handheld. How do I initiate a full backup? I"m on a Mac. Heeeeelp, please! :0
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    Ok, I managed to get blazer bookmarks and call log reinstalled, but still not address book/contacts. Any tips on that?
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    Um... /why/ did you *reinstall* Desktop? There was no need for that. You're hard resetting your Palm, not your PC.

    I'm not sure how you manage this, but I suspect that once you re-establish a hotsync relationship with the new Desktop installation you should be able to copy the entire <user> directory over the newly created one. Sync after that and that might do the trick... but be sure to FIRST change your conduit settings to "desktop overrides device".
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    Yup. Infinite thanks.

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