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    I'll admit I'm not too bright here.

    Got the unlocked Treo 680. Inserted the SIM from the Blackberry Pearl (TMobile).

    Phone works fine receiving and making calls.

    However, I cannot connect to internet.

    How do I config to get my email and be able to surf the net?

    I have the unlimited $19.95 BB data plan with TMO.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

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    I had the $19.99 BB Connect Plan from T-Mobile on my 680 for a while and I had to use the T-Zones setting under Prefs>Network in order to connect properly. Bear in mind, though, that you'll have to go back in and select that Network setting again after every reset. You're much better off at this point, with your Treo, switching to the $19.99 full T-Mobile Internet plan (you can do that using your T-Mobile account on the web). Although I think everything else is exactly the same from a data perspective, T-Mobile Internet is superior on the 680 because that's where the Network settings automatically default after a reset.

    Hope that helps!

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