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    before I got the microsd card (sandisk 2GB if that helps), I had downloaded a few mp3s to my treo. they reside in pockettunes. when I got the sd card, all I could do was copy (not move) ptunes to the sdcard. to free up memory, I want to move the mp3s from internal memory to the sd card.

    in the file directory for ptunes, there's internal mem files, and sd card files. I just want to move the internal mp3s to sd.

    how do I do this?

    I'm afraid to delete ptunes from the treo entirely-even though its copied to the sdcard.

    do I need to do this from a PC?
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    You can't delete PTunes from the Centro. It's in the ROM. to move the mp3's (I didn't think you could put mp3's in the Ram) you can use Filez program. Just google it. It's free.
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    Are you using FileZ?
    (A freeware PalmOS file management utility.)
    select download
    then FileZ
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    um, I'm not using a centro....its a 755 and no I'm not using any special software, but thanks for the tip.

    its jus that before I got the sdcard I had to dl files to the treo, and now that I have it, I want to move them to the card but can't seem to, which is bullsh*t in my opinion.

    since I copied ptunes to the card, I didn't want to delete it from the device....lest I cause an unfixable problem
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    Okay. just replace Centro in my post with 755. It applies to either one. Did you try Filez?

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