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    I am looking for a e-mail program that will check e-mail via hotsync on the visor, not a program that will sync with a desktop e-mail program but one that will acutally check mail on an e-mail server through the hotsyc cradle. Does anyone know if such software exists? I'd really appreciate any help. Thanks!

    Michael Torrington
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    I'm not sure there is an e-mail program that does what you want.
    I have Windows with outlook express and have setup my mail conduit to outlook. Now, everytime I hotsync, outlook connects to my yahoo pop account, gets my e-mails, and puts them in the mail app. To me, that seems to be the easiest solution. Also, that way there is no more space being taken up on your visor by a separate e-mail app.

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    I use Eudora 5 with the Eudora Internet Suite, both free from Qualcomm
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    With any Palm E-Mail app that uses a modem/TCPIP connection to retrieve POP3 mail (like EIS, TG Postman, MultiMail, etc.), you can do what you're thinking of doing via the cradle/cable, although depending on the desktop platform you have and the Visor you're using, the configuration will differ.

    Essentially, you would be setting up a PPP connection between your Palm device and your desktop computer (which, we presume, will already be connected to the internet by the time you initiate a PPP connection from the Palm device).

    See here and
    here and if you really want to read some stuff about it, do a search here and you'll find some topics on it.
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    You can configure Netscape Communicator 4.7 mail to sync with via internet. I have configured a mail profile with the corrected IMAP mail servers, and when I hotsync, it opens up netscape and sync the mail and my address book. It's nice. . .
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    How do you set up the vdx and netscape to hotsync for email. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you
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