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    Ok, I have a lot of contacts in my Nextel, probably not as many as you guys since most of them are personal contacts but there are a lot. I know you can have a Nextel store copy the info to a computer and copy it back to a Nextel phone / upgrade. Is there some way to copy the contacts to a Centro, even a work around? That would stink if I had to do it manually.
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    Yup, the sprint store transfered the files from my old school i530 to my centro with no problem.
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    Any details on the transfer would be great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BCVP View Post
    Any details on the transfer would be great.
    Well, not much to tell. He hooked it up to a machine/data pilot(all stores should have them) and boom, it dumped all my contacts into the Centro.
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    That sounds too easy!
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    I myself don't mind doing it manually. It gives me my first session of playtime when I get a new device. I only have 150 contacts.
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    if ur using Outlook for ur contacts, i would have suggested doing it ur self as well. This way the first on the first synch, the data is derived from outlook on to the phone as opposed to the opposite. I've had alot of issues w/ the 700P and outlook, but having the data initially in outlook has helped me save some contacts details that otherwise would have been lost.

    good luck - let us know what u did
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    I agree with doing it manually. I don't use Outlook, that's why I have a Palm! My concern continues to be with my Palm LifeDrive PDA. That is full of info, I already lost everything once when something happened when I HotSynced a long time ago. After reading these posts today I realized I should transfer the Nextel first before the LD to the Centro. I'm just nervous about these data transfers and didn't know if the Centro could read the Nextel data and put it in the right spot.
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    Well, I took the plunge and stopped by a real Sprint/Nextel service center. I was helped right away and didn't wait too long, about ten minutes. There were several techs around and all were busy. When I called they said they'd do it for free but its normally $15.

    I looked it over and it appears that several contacts got jumbled. In other words the first letter of a company name is now the first letter under last name. That kicks the contacts out of alphabetical order. I assume everything has been copied over but it is a pain to have to go through them and correct a bunch of them. I don't know if the issue was due to the tech. or if that's just the way it is. There could be a dozen or so that need editing.
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    Well it turns out that all 80 contacts in my Nextel needed editing. I edited them on the Palm Desktop so now that everything is in order I can't figure out how to format the Sim card on the Nextel so that the data is "erased". Any info?

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