I dropped my 700P on the porch. It had been dropped before from greater heights with no harm done other than cosmetic. This time it must have landed just right and it broke the LCD screen.

Made the call to Asurion and 24 hours later I had a replacement 700P.

I was expecting the orange Asurion box like my kids refurb came in but instead I got a VZW box. Nothing on the box "says" it is a FRU and the *#RTN* says "no" to refurbished unit. On one side of the box is a sticker which says "DATE 09/05/07" and the other says S/W 1.10, which is over a previous sticker. I couldn't peel that one back successfully.

Phone Info says the software is TREP700P-1.10-VZW which I thought was the first upgrade. The interesting thing is, I have had no ERROR 3000 issues so far, like I did when I did the original upgrade on my other phone. And the download speed is nearly twice as fast as what I was getting off the other upgraded phone.

No real point to this post I guess, I don't plan on upgrading to the "_1.10" software again in that I have no issues. One more example I guess of how snakebit this product seems to be. Like every phone out there is a bit of a crap shoot.

So far at least, I seem to be on the winning end of the dice.