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    After close to 6 years of Handspring / Palm Treo ownership, it all came to an end last night. I sold my Sprint 650 and a plethora of accessories, completing my migration to the iPhone. I am very sad, but nothing lasts forever.

    My Palm experienced started in summer of 1992 - a friend showed me his Palm Pilot and I was blown away by the interface. Within months, I purchased a Palm Pilot Professional for over $300. Though it became a fixture in my life, the affair was brief - lasting only 10 months or so. The next Palm OS device to bring me back was the Treo 300 - and it was love all over again. But this time, the unit was refined and really helped to integrate the net into my life.

    I quickly upgraded to the 600 upon its release and was thrilled to get away from a device designed with weak hinges. The 600 was truly the cat's meow.

    After a full calendar year on the market, I decided to throw my hat in the ring with the 650 - my trusty sidekick. It was the Kemosabe to my Lone Ranger. It was the Chewie to my Han Solo. It was the Homer to my Bart. But unlike the Simpsons, everything ages and gets older. And clearly, Palm OS was holding back the relentless march of evolution and growth.

    I've had the iPhone for less than a week now - but I've got it to nearly replicate all functions my 650. I fully expect that with the impending SDK release in February, it resolve any missing elements. The iPhone is everything my 650 was plus something that was clearly lacking - HOPE.

    Regrettably, I believe that Palm OS has reached the end of the line. Though I came back once, I'm not sure if Palm has what it takes to bring me back to the fold. Apple is now innovating where Palm once was. And I being a Palm loyalist, that makes me sad.

    I will miss TCMP and zLauncher. I will miss streaming music off shoutcast (albeit at 32k). the GSM buzz makes me truly miss the silent nature of CDMA. And I do miss having a physical keyboard.

    Cherish these things while you still can. Because I know I cannot any longer, now that my blissful ignorance was shattered when I picked up the iPhone and felt what state of the art really is.

    I will miss coming here for news and information. This forum is truly insightful and invaluable. Good luck to all of you.
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    Good luck! I think I'll wait until something better than the iphone comes along. It is just a matter of time, though.
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    Verizon has something I think coming out to rival the iPhone before X-Mas
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    its kind of you to bid farewell.
    my guess is that there are quite a lot more treo users who are hopping off and of whom we do not know. the silence in the "palm os" section of this forum indicates a massive immigration to other platforms.
    i am holding on but not expecting anything great from palm.
    still, i do have a very slight hope
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    ...and maybe android will be my next platform. there are interesting things happening.
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    I wanted to wish you luck and much happiness with your iPhone, a friend of mine just bought one and loves it. I do wish I had known you were selling the 650 and accessories, I am wanting one for my DH; I still love my 650.
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    If you are interested in a Treo 650, I have one that I can sell to you in good condition with some accessories. PM me if you want to receive more details.
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    Same here GOT! rid of my 650 all scratched up, And moved to the iphone! I love it but now I look at the 650 and memories anyways.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonylmiller View Post
    Good luck! I think I'll wait until something better than the iphone comes along. It is just a matter of time, though.
    Let's see, something better than a iphone? Hmmmmmmm, I would say the BB Curve 8310.
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    I, too, have switched to the iPhone. Man, it does many things so much better than my 650, and only a couple of things much worse. And the things it doesn't do as well (calendar is really featureless at the moment) I'd imagine will be eagerly corrected when it's opened up in a couple of months.

    The 650 really worked pretty well for me the last two years. I couldn't live without it, that's for sure. But the fact of the matter is that it just can't really compete anymore.

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