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    Yes, don't recharge your batteries in a cradle. Recharge them (preferably overnight) in the PHONE. Sorry if I didn't clarify that.
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    how do you completely drain your battery?
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    If you scroll up through the posts, I gave the instructions on how to do that.
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    OK, drained completely in phone until it would not turn on, even after a battery removal/replace. Charged the phone on the cradle with the battery in it and left on until 100%. Took it off, dropped to 97%. Soft reset, 99%. These phones just have a battery calculation issue I wish would have been fixed in 1.07 fw.

    Also, battery graph showed 4140mV (97%) before reset and 4130mV (99%) after, pretty much proving that 97% is not accurate, and that I am getting no more battery life via reset despite the % going up to where it should be in the first place.
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    Well, even though it might not have fixed the battery calculation issue, you have re-conditioned your battery, and for that it is worth doing this.
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