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    Thought I would just drop a note and say thanks to everyone here for all the years of thoughtful and helpful input.

    I left last week for a Tilt 8925. I must say, that this device (or likely any WM6 device) is not for the feint of heart. It is really only for the power user. It has taken me a week of solid work to get all the 3rd party apps to make this right for me. I have finally gotten down a good flow. The slide out keyboard definitely takes some getting used to. There are still some features of Palm OS that I miss, but expect I will be able to hack or adjust to.

    Palms UI is certainly better out of the box, but now that my unit is tweaked just so, I am happier with WM6.

    Most of all, the phone dials reliably. The DTMF tones work reliably (they never did on any of my prior devices using Palm). Voice Dialing works over bluetooth (which connects far more reliably). WiFi is incredibly fast. I did not expect this, but my 3G speeds surfing the web is easily several times faster than EvDo ever was for me.

    Almost every program I had for Palm is available for WM6, except MonthPlanner which is no longer supported anyway, and shortcut5 (which I do miss terribly).

    My biggest reason for leaving Palm: I needed to replace my device now and could not trust that Palm, Inc. would support/stand behind their product again. If they come out with a fabulous Linux device in the future, I would consider it only if they prove that they are able to provide adequate support and timely feedback.

    For those of you still loyal to Palm, I mean no insult. I just wanted to share my experiences for those who are considering changing to "the dark side." If you ever do decide to make this change, I recommend that you read up a lot and be ready to spend some serious time tweaking your device. This is a big change, but one that can be done.

    Enjoy and good luck.
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    Hope Palm will close down/merge with another company soon. They are not forward going company. otherwise how is Apple beating it... the stubble differences..

    With Palm's proprietary OS... its too late to switch to linux (in future PalmOS) since Apple/Google/Android is one step ahead of the game with open source. Way to go Apple/Google for that business decision.

    Goodbye Palm.
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    Goodbuy GalenMD...
    at&t iPhone3G
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    Ba Bye
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    I'm just waiting for a decent device on verizon...Palm is so pathetic, it can't even get bluetooth, mp3's, dtmf tones, and many more basic things to work.

    Why, I can't imagine...Its really a shame too, because there were many good things about the treo and palm, but it seems other then formfactor, you can pretty much do anything a palm can do, sometimes even better, and much more on windows mobile, while palm has stagnated...
    I believe you can even run palm virtually on windows mobile(not that it would really be worth it).

    But unless palm does some major rehaul, now, it has become an obvious choice to me as well, and this is coming from a long time loyal mac/palm user.
    It is just a shame...
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    Another loyal Mac/Palm user here. My contract ends in six months and by then, I'm pretty sure there will be a 3G-compatible iPhone and enough software to make switching a no-brainer. The DTMF bug is bugging me to death here.

    I also think Palm is moribund and bound to be bought by someone else, or will be completely shuttered.
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    Believe it or not, I miss the antenna. It allowed me a more secure grip, mostly when pulling it out of my holster.
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    Interesting comments. I just tried out a Samsung i760 over Thanksgiving and hated it. Have returned to my trusty 700p. Specifics: Couldn't work it with one hand. Alerts/Alarms weren't dependable. When I stopped reading an e-book, did something else and returned to the book, it didn't return me to the same spot in the book. Several other things, but these were the deciding factors.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GalenMD View Post
    Believe it or not, I miss the antenna. It allowed me a more secure grip, mostly when pulling it out of my holster.
    Consider a wrist lanyard. A camera one is the best, as they are short, and it will make carrying your investment feel more secure.

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    Hey GalenMD...sad to see you go. Fond memories with "Verizoning" those phones together. Great memories. I might be the next in line to say goodbye to the Treo and switch over to the Blackberry.
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    As will I when the Curve comes to Sprint. It'll be with disappointment (in Palm) considering I started with the Treo300, but they just haven't been innovative and the competition has largely caught up.
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    I wish there was something better than the Palm. I love USB Modem now and before the BT connection with Sprint EDVO. Is there anything that can beat it? The Apple iPhone certainly cannot! My wife wanted an iPhone until I talked her out of it.

    What is better? Please let me know. I also have a lot of software in my 700p.


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