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    I recently bought a laptop with bluetooth and wifi. But as there are occasions where WIFI is not available or not free I would like to use my treo to get to the web via bluetooth.

    I know this is possible and saw that Palm has an article on the DUN option.

    But I know nothing about pdanet or bluetooth DUN so I just want to get some questions answered before I go too far.

    Does the bluetooth dun use the relative speed of the GPRS connection or am I actually using phone minutes? If so, is there any reason to by PDA net?

    Steer me in the right direction folks.

    Thanks yet another time.

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    Bluetooth DUN uses the speed and bandwidth of you GPRS/Edge connection and bandwidth usage limits of you data plan. It does not use your minuts (atleast on ATT it doesn't).

    If you don't have a data plan then ATT charges you per KB or MB and it racks up quick.

    I use my DUN connection rarely and have had no problem just using the Unlimited Media Max 200 plan I have in connection with bluetooth DUN. I don't use it often and rack up well under 100MB a month.

    And just a warning BlueTooth DUN over GPRS/Edge is only a little fast than dial-up for the most part. Better than nothing though.
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    Love this forum and the rest of you Centralites.

    Thanks for the response. It is exaclty what I wanted to hear. I don't plan on using it often, but in a pinch I can send and recieve email or transmit a file. That is all I need. Sure...a fantasize about 3G speed. But for how little I am likely to use it....not worth the least at this point.


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    Centralites? Eastcoaster! ;-)
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    using palm desktop 4.2 (came with cd) and palm USB DUN is free (no need to buy PDANet) and saving battery also (asuming using bluetooth is drained the battery)
    but it's still charge your gprs connection
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    Just checking here

    The link to the Palm knowledge base states that it is for treo 700p and 755P...680 is not listed.

    I assume that is because the knowledge base is for CDMA phones...

    So does this work for the 680?


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    someone already try an says it works
    me.. sorry i don't have treo 680 CD poor me
    Fossil WristPDA ->death
    Tapwave Zodiac 2
    Treo 680 ->white Centro
    <still> perfect gadgets for my life

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