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    I recently upgraded to the Centro (from a 700p). I have one versamail account set up for my SprintPCS email (the settings were migrated from the 700p). I'm now trying to add a new account, but Versamail won't let me do so, indicating:
    You have reached the maximum number of accounts supported. Only 8 accounts are allowed. If you want to create a new account, you must delete an existing account first.
    I only have one account, the one I use for SprintPCS email! I'm nervous about deleting this account in fear that I won't even be able recreate it and then be out of luck for checking emails, period.

    Has anyone encountered this error and/or have advice on what to do?

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    Try hot syncing and make sure the Verssamail conduit in HS manager is set to synchronize and not do nothing.
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    Thanks for that suggestion, and effectively the conduit was turned off. I turned it on, but no luck. I even set the individual accounts to sync, but no go. Saw there was a "VersaMail.ini" file in my Palm folder, tried changing various settings, but none seem to help. Is there a way to completely reset everything so I can create accounts again?

    Here is the content of the file:
    Number Of Accounts=8
    Enable Logging=0
    Log Informational=0
    Log Debug=0
    Create Settings=0
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    Just a hotsync has always fixed that issue for me. I have it set to synchronize like the previous poster.

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