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    I have a 700p and just added Verizon's Data package giving me unlimited high speed web. I use and would like to access my yahoo mail account to see who's tried to contact me. I use Palm Blazer 4.2 and see the yahoo email message with the email sent from match. But the picture that's part of the email I can see just fine on my desktop computer but does not show up on the 700p. Anyone have a solution to this?

    I would greatly appreciate any help!

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    When you browse other sites, can you see the pictures? If not your Blazer may be set in Fast mode (display text only). To change the settings, go to Blazer, hit the Menu button, go to Options-Preferences and select the General Tab. You will see down there two options: Normal Mode and Fast mode. Select Normal mode.

    If however, you already have Normal mode and can see images in other sites but not Yahoo, it may be that the way Yahoo handles mail is the culprit.

    For example, I do not have yahoo mail but I have hotmail. If I want to see the full, rich mails I get there I have to use a PC with IE, Firefox etc. given that hotmail encodes their mails in a very special way that Blazer cannot handle (i.e. uses Java or other similar browser plug-ins) Blazer is a very limited browser mind you, so if yahoo is doing something special to display the mail then you're out of luck.
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    Free Yahoo mobile does not handle images or links. You need to forward your Yahoo mail to an account in VersaMail like GMail pop or use Skweezer and get your Yahoo full HTML account on your devise.

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