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    I just got the sprint mobile app and have it said up for my yahoo mail account it gets the messages initially but it never updates them. I dont care if it doesnt do it automatically but I have no idea how to tell it to update manually. Help please, I searched but could not find anyone with the same question if there is a manual or website that says how to use this app I would appreciate it too. Thanks!
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    I used it for awhile and liked it, but stopped only because of the now infamous flashing LED problem; but that's another story. If my rememberer is remembering correctly you can select the push option or set a schedule for download of your email. To manually download emails I think that option is available by hitting the menu key and selecting "Send/Receive" from the list. Check it out because I am known to suffer from CRS.
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    thanks I didnt even know there was a menu button till know that was my problem.

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