I am looking for assistance in tethering my Centro to my Dell Axim X51V via Bluetooth.

I bit the bullet and ponied up for the Sprint PAM plan, so no problem there.

I used to be able to do it with my Treo700p (with the hack), but my Centro won't stay connected.

Sprint tech support told me on the phone, that they recently made a change to only allow PAM tethering to laptops and only using the "Sprint PCS Connection Manager". PDA's can no longer be tethered because there is no Connection Manager to support it.

Anyone know if this is true? (I know they said it, but Sprint techs aren't always right)

When I try to tether my centro: the bluetooth pairs, the bluetooth connects...it dials #777, it connects as I see the bluetooth icon change to a laptop...then it disconnects.

Anyone know of a Sprint PCS Connection Manager that work with a WM 5.0 device?

Any assistance would be appreciated.

PDA Net and USB Modem are not an option as they only work on laptops.

I did search many different terms and did not come up with an answer. Thanks!