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    I set up VersaMail with new Gmail IMAP setting and it worked. Why Gmail said VersaMail is not supported? or did I miss something?
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    I cannot get Gmail to work on the Sprint email program or VersaMail (neither POP or IMAP work). For some reason, it reports back "Invalid Credentials" and I have tried re-entering my user name and password a million times. Sometimes including the and sometimes not.

    I have IMAP and POP enabled in Gmail. Anyone have any problem like this?
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    I have Gmail and IMAP working successfully under Sprint's mobile email by setting up "Other IMAP" account and manually entering the Gmail IMAP settings.

    VersaMail only gets the first available message and then stops, similar to the behavior reported by others.
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    I don't use Versamail at all. Ever. Dunno know about you, but it is easier for me just to go to GMAIL on the web rather than deal with slow, buggy versamail and the data problems and crashes it inevitably creates on any Palm device. GMAIL is setup on one of my favorites in the phone app, and I just browse there on the speedy EVDO network if needed when I get an IM. This also avoids SPAM!

    Now, I understand if you need to poll Gmail on regular intervals and want versamail to do that. But, if you really only need to know when particular senders email you, such as a business name or individuals, you can set up a filter on Gmail to IM you. I think I have fewer crashes without using versamail to poll and my battery lasts longer too.

    For example do this setup on GMAIL website if on sprint for an IM:
    -input your filter and forwarding info with your sprint cell #. Below is copied and pasted directly from GMAIL Webpage Filter setting:

    "Matches: from: (
    Do this: Forward to"

    If you have unlimited messaging as I do, this is a great solution.
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    Quote Originally Posted by icesalmon View Post
    I set up VersaMail with new Gmail IMAP setting and it worked. Why Gmail said VersaMail is not supported? or did I miss something?
    Are you sure that IMAP is fully working? I too was able to receive mail using the gmail IMAP server/settings but it wasn't true IMAP.

    Check and see if reading an unread e-mail on your phone marks that e-mail as read when you log into gmail from the web. This well-defining feature of IMAP was not working for me - instead everything was behaving like POP.

    Also, do you ever get e-mails where only the subject line comes through, but nothing else?

    I ended up just going back to POP because the IMAP setup was not behaving any differently.
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    The reason Google says "it's not supported" is because the default Gmail profile on the phone doesn't use it. This will confuse the hell out of users. You have to set up a new email address and just put in whatever (for email) so it doesn't auto-identify it as Gmail. Then add all the custom settings and change the email address back to @gmail. There is already an extensive thread on this. SEARCH.
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    I got Gmail IMAP to work with VersaMail (I think clearing the cache and cookies in Blazer fixed my problem).

    Unfortunately, there is a documented problem with IMAP and HTML messages with Google Mail. Some messages appear to be blank.

    From my experience it seems to be about every fourth message I receive. Hopefully Google will get that fixed shortly.
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    I got Gmail to work with ChatterMail but some messages have HTML TAGS through out the message, making it hard to read. I used the latest version of ChatterMail. I is good to hear that the HTML problem has be documented.

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