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    Ok, I bought a BT adapter on eBay for my notebook, or any computer that doesn't have BT built in for around $7 including shipping. I got it to talk to the Centro, that was easy. The problem is the setting on the PC to get it to use the virtual serial port or whatever. I tried to set it to Com 5 like it mentioned although the default was Com 3. Any help with setting up the BT on the PC end would be great.
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    Could you let us know what OS is on your computer?
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    Be advised it is much slower than sync cable, but covient.
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    Thanks for your help! I was trying to figure it out some more before posting. I have XP Home. It looks like its going from the PC to the Centro, one way and is not running as a serial port, which it needs to be. Also, is the HotSync set to Local, Local USB or both? Thanks!
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    Ok, I tried it some more, not much more since I thought I had tried just about every combination. I called Palm and the woman I spoke with was great. I explained everything I tried and how the issue is with the software that was included with the BT adapter, not the Centro.

    The issues I had was where do you select the serial port, this one has 2 ports and about 10 devices from headphones to fax. I don't know if all BT adapters include this many? The other issue was with the Com port. I also didn't know if Local USB and Local should be checked on the Palm HotSync?

    I turned off all devices except the two serial ports and also tried turning them on one at a time. The HotSync can be set to either Local USB, Local or both. I thought I had the Com port, port 7 in my case set on both the BT adapter and HotSync but apparently they weren't. I had some trouble setting the BT adapter to Com 7 and it looks like serial port A is always port 7, at least on this BT adapter. The woman at Palm had me check the Com port for the HotSync and it wasn't on 7. As soon as I changed it I suggested to restart the computer to be sure it took. It worked right away! I have a few short videos and pics, which took a long time. It is slower but I like how its wireless. Thanks guys!
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    Also be advised that for some reason (at least in my experience) the ports become busy and you have to restart both HS and BT for the port to open again.
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