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    I've been searching the forums for an answer to this, but no luck. Here's my deal:

    I have Goodlink Messaging 4 installed on my 700p. I can access my good contacts only by launching the GOOD contacts app, not the default palm contacts app-that is now empty.

    So here's my problem- I downloaded the latest version of Chatter (3.09) and got all jazzed about using Gmail IMAP on it and getting push personal email as well as my push Good work email.

    So, Chatter works great. Except for the contacts part. It doesn't autofill like it should, and worse, when I try to do a contacts "lookup", it behaves as if it's actually looking a contact up in my Good contacts app-which is great, it's what I want. However, when I click on the right contact, it just takes me back to compose screen without inserting said email address.

    What are my options here? Is there a way to make this work properly, or do I need to have Chatter look at my Palm contacts (which are sadly, empty, and I have NO idea how to get my Good contacts into my Palm contacts).

    The ideal fix is for the lookup function to actually work the way (I'm sure) it's supposed to.

    Any and all help wil be greatly appreciated.


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    Take a look at these FAQs from the Goodlink forum:

    The last one, "Enabling the Palm Contacts," works fine. Just make sure you do a soft reset before you sync the Palm contacts over.

    I have the same setup you just described . . . Goodlink for work, Chatter with Gmail for personal. Now if I could just get Goodlink to handle the LED the way Chatter does, I'd be all set.
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    Thanks for the response, but I'm not sure that our two situations ARE in fact the same:

    I WANT Chatter to use my Good contacts- the only thing not currently working is actually getting the "lookup" function to make the insertion of the contact "stick" in the email composition.

    Here's what happens: I select "new" email. I click on the box to the right of the "to" field, which brings up the lookup feature. I click it, and my God contacts open. I select an email address, and it takes me back to the lookup feature. If I then hit OK, I'm back to the email composition page, with no email address inserted.

    Sorry for not being clearer before, but...any ideas on making this functionality actually work?

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    Yes, that's what I've gotten too, where you can see the Good contacts through Chatteremail but can't actually use them. It may be that someone else in this forum has a better way to fix this, but my understanding is that Chatteremail can only work with the Palm contacts database, even though it can show you the Good contacts. The only solution I've heard about is to set your phone so that it syncs your Outlook or Palm Desktop contacts onto your phone whenever you hotsync, so that your phone has two contact databases: one that's live off the server through Good, and one that only updates through hotsync. In my case, my Outlook contacts are the same ones that Good sends over anyway, so both databases are basically the same, unless I've added a new contact and haven't hotsync'ed yet. Alternatively, you could use this method to sync your personal contacts into the Palm database and let Good handle your work contacts to keep them separate. I haven't heard about any other way to do this, and unless you're doing something totally different with your contacts it should basically work OK for you. BTW, if you decide to give it a try, make sure you tell your Hotsync conduit to "do nothing" on the calendar. You probably don't want 2 instances of the calendar on your phone, since you'd get double the reminders.
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