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    ok....i have one from palmloyal. how do I get it to work. I made a da for mesaging but I don't know how to use it. I have a da launcher5 and have messagingDA set to run but it still closes my browser when I answer a txt.
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    When the message comes in close it. Then launch the messageDA by holding down the menu key to launch the DALauncher (assuming you have the DA launcher app setup to be envoked with the command bar). Then you can read the message without leaving or closing the browser. You have to have an app that restores the command bar (either free FieldPlus, a commerical app like Butler) to allow "hold menu" to call up command bar.
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    ok, that makes sense. so now, i hold down the menu key and get the command bar. sweet.

    i have messagingDA set to yellow and phoneDA set to green.

    ok, it had some issues i resolved.

    now, i just tried it with messaging, it went to messaging but i can't get back to where i was. i tried going back through the command bar but it just restarted my palm.
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    also, when i click on the menu of DA's i have, instead of a box of programs, a white box shows up, then if i click on that, it restarts my palm.

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