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    well that's good to hear but I don't want to use butler because it does solid green. eh I'm picky lol
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    I am a total n00b at installing programs to my centro, I do have palm desktop installed on XP. Could one of you guys help me install TreoAlertMgr, (which would be my first program to try) I am a advance computer user just not this TIA

    never mind all is working thanks
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    the only thing is that with treo alert it only gives you an audible alert once with a new text or missed call. My Razr would give an audible alert every couple of minutes or so until you shut it off. Is there anything like that now for the treo 680?

    or is that what this does (both?) but not just one alert, i am looking for something that will keep beeping or something until i shut the alert off.

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    There are settings that can change that in TreoAlertMgr. Mine chirps every 10 seconds and shows a light.
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    Total noob here also. I am still have difficulty with the TreoAlertMgr. I read the whole thred and did what everyone else suggested but I still get and invalid key code but doesnt supply a Master code. I also disabled it to try it again as someone else suggested but it didnt work.

    Any suggestions?
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    You can always make a 'ring tone' sound of silence and have that play as the sound TreoAlertMgr uses, right? I know it doesn't solve the fact it still has to vibrate, but you are part way there.
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    Okay...i see now that you don't have all the ring tones for options in TreoAlertMgr.

    Soooo now my problem is that TreoAlertMgr takes over for Calendar snoozes (which I need to have much louder than the option I've picked to warn me about a missed call). Has anyone found a way around this? It may not be the case if I let Datebook handle the alarms, but that would stink b/c I'd have to use the standard alarm sounds rather than a ringtone.

    So to add to the wish list for the hacked version of TreoAlertMgr: option to pick what types of alerts it handles.
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