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    Found this neat program that now works very well with the Centro.

    • audible signal when the call disconnects (can be adjusted when registered)
    • visual signals (LED) when SMS arrived ot a call was missed (can be adjusted
      when registered)
    • acustical reminder about missed calls and SMS (needs registration)

    The LED notification works quite well for Missed Calls and SMS, but the part that I like the best that I have not confirmed on other apps (Butler & PowerMan) is that it will "blink" while being charged (oscillating between Red and Green) when a new SMS or Missed call occurs, which I find to be quite helpful.

    Plus at a tiny 15kb of RAM, it won't make much of a dent in resources.

    Only downside I see is you can't use your Minitones imported MP3 or Wav files for reminder notifications, but I guess the Chirp isn't so bad.

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    Thanks for the tip. I like the app. I don't have much use for the Phone features but I like getting notifications (tone and vibrate) about missed calls and text (SMS) messages.

    Two things I've noticed:
    • The only LED color that works on the Centro is GREEN.
    • The "Blink" (i.e. oscillating between Red and Green) feature. works if you miss the call or SMS while it is already being charged. If you miss the call/SMS and then subsequently plug it into the charger, it just stays constant Red.

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