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    I have been doing well so far, but recently when I click on the web app, I get the infamous white screen (of the 700p) for about 20-30 seconds before the web appears. Ideas?????
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    I had this happend yesterday too. I guess it's clearing the memory to enable web program. It took like good 20 30 seconds, but unlike 700P, Centro did come back and didn't reset.
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    Mine did that too, and no one responded to my thread
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    does this infamous white screen have the palm logo in it, then a bar at the bottom which looks like a loading bar?

    if so then i get it what seems like once a day when i'm surfin' the web.

    i kind of thought it was just blazer bein' poopy
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    I have only launched Blazer about five times and it gave me that long white screen twice (about 20 seconds). Blazer seemed fine once it showed up.
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    I upgraded from the 700p to Centro and never got a 20 second white screen on either device. I get one for maybe a second now and don't recall getting more than a few on the 700p. I would have to agree with the poster who mentioned clearing memory to operate at optimum performance possible.
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    The delay seems to be the OS reclaiming memory when switching apps, as I find that happens only after I've been running PTunes and my huge music library.
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    I've gotten the white screen too - I get it when switching into Chatter, or into the WEB app. I know I can interrupt it by pressing the home key, and then the main menu shows, then I can press WEB or Chatter and there's no delay. I'm not sure if any of you have tried this, but I get impatient when my device gets slow, so I start pressing buttons to make it do SOMETHING. So that's how I found this little "workaround" of pressing the home key and letting it sort of "straighten up" - then going to my mail or web app. At least it gives me something to do besides look and wait for the white screen to go away *shrug*

    I've also gotten a blank screen when switching to read a text message, the message doesn't appear, but all of my options do. It literally takes about 15 seconds for the message to appear and I can't do anything else until it does. Mind you, this is my 2nd Centro (exchanged because of a crooked screen, and this one also has a crooked screen and a lousy speaker phone and horrible earpiece volume compared to the first one I had, needless to say, it will be returned also) - and the first unit didn't do this.

    The more apps you put on the unit, the slower it gets, that's just the conclusion I've come to. Boooo.

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    A crooked screen??
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    Quote Originally Posted by SueWalsh623 View Post
    A crooked screen??
    Do a search of the Centro postings, and you'll see that some devices left manufacturing with a "barely noticeable" crooked screen.
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    Damn my Centro is starting to get the white screen. I think the more it use it, the more bugs it gets.

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    I think what others have said about switching from memory intensive applications and such has some merit. The OS is made to run lean without true multitasking. You just might be able to ask so much of it.
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