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    I have been looking for a solution to somehow get Plucker updated remotely to my Treo and I'm close, but not quite there. The piece that's missing is getting the updated .pdb's that have been created on my server at home downloaded to my palm. What I need is a scriptable FTP client or a 'wget' that can just pull *.pdb from a server to the SD card on the Treo. That's the short story, here's the long:

    1. I have SunriseXP running and updating 20 or so RSS and HTML feeds every hour on my server at home.
    This creates PDB's that are written out to a folder on the server which is accessible via either HTTP or FTP. I need to get these PDB's downloaded to my SD card on the Treo.

    2. Now on the server there is a folder that has 20 *.pdb's. (or ftp to

    3. Now I'm looking for a program that I can just launch to essentially do an "MGET *.PDB" to /PALM/Programs/Plucker/ on the SD card in the Treo.
    I've tried:
    FTP programs:
    • lftp - Scriptable, but MGET doesn't seem to be supported, nor can I cd to a specific directory on the SD card
    • EzFTP - not scriptable as far as I can see, can only pull file by file
    • VFSFTP - again, not scriptable as far as I can see

    HTTP programs:
    • lget - Doesn't seem to work to pull *.pdb
    • Downloader - Doesn't seem to work to pull *.pdb
    • SharkDownload - another 'wget' type solution, but no options to save to card or any options at all..

    For the HTTP ones (lget, Downlaoder) I had even tried to create a simple ssi HTML page that does a directory listing and provides links to the .pdb's hoping they would pull the linked documents, no luck.

    So.... can anyone suggest something that can either do a mass download from either an HTTP server and grab *.pdb from a directory or an FTP program that I can script to go an MGET to pull them???

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    Here's another one, Mass Downloader:
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    Thanks for the link. While it doesn't look like that one has wildcard download capability right now at least it looks like it is still being actively worked on by the developer. All the other ones I listed were last updated years ago.
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    I do this exact same thing with Plucker and an ftp server on my home pc. I haven't found a scripted solution but I can do better than file by file.

    On EZFTP, go to Options, Preferences, and specify the Initial Directory of your plucker directory on the server along with your FTP settings. I don't have my plucker directory as root nor do I set "Set initial directory as root".

    Under Options, PDA Initial Directory, I have it set to:
    Expansion Card/MYCARDNAME/PALM/Programs/Plucker

    Now when I want to update, I tap the connect button, tap the PC->PDA button, tap ok (which selects the entire server plucker directory without me needing to do anything) and then tap ok again (which select the plucker directory on my palm card without needing to do anything else.

    So after I connect, it's just two taps in a row on the OK button and it MGETs everything in the directory. Not scripted, but not bad.

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