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    Does anyone else have this problem?

    I am using a Windows XP laptop. Both before and after the MR update, I seem to have a problem where it will work fine sometimes, but after I hibernate my laptop and bring it back up (I never turn it all the way off), I get a port conflict. Normally, a reboot solves the problem.

    On perhaps a related note, the Sprint Connection Manager does not recognize that my phone is plugged in. I just use the dial up link I created about a year ago and everything works fine, unless I have the port conflict.

    Back when I had a 600 and a different laptop, I would run into this unless I close the Hotsync manager, but that doesn't solve the problem in this case.

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    Yeah, I have the same problem. Every once in a while if the phone becomes disconnected (i.e. the connector falls out) the computer will attempt to use the regular modem even though the treo is plugged in again. The only solution I've found is rebooting Windows.

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