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    I have a lot of play in my center button and it seems mushy. Just wondering about others. If I lightly touch it I can "rock" it (see movement). And there isn't a strong, definitive click or anything when I do a regular center push to select something.
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    It's certainly not designed to "click". Give it a solid press on mine, and it works fine.
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    Mine "rocks" I guess but it works so Im not that worried about it.
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    I'm actually glad to see these responses. Sounds like mine is normal.

    Thank you.
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    I found my 5-way button to be quite responsive, I do get the positive click, but somewhat sensitive than 700P. It's better than I had expected, and quite satisfied so far. Just wondering how durable the chrome finish is. My previous Treos (both 650 and 700) showed signs of aging after a year worth of clicking.
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    mine feels a little mushy as well, if it gets pushed one way for a longer time (like going down a page all the time but not up) it seems to lay a little that way more then other ways. but then it seems to go back to normal after a while.

    but it seems the mushy feel is normal ? so i'm not too worried about it
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    I thought I was the only one with a "loose" 5 way. In fact now it is so loose it there is a metalic "click" when I gently rock it back and forth... Hope it doesn't get any worse. Sounds like poor engineering to me.
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    why does it have to be bad engineering? personally I like the "soft" 5 way pad
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