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    I"m new to Sprint after getting the Treo. I'm in my 'home' area and have full coverage in my office and home. But like today, all day, the phone's been asking me if it's ok to do a Roaming Data transmission. I"m in my office ! What's up with that, is this normal for Sprint?
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    normally I have excellent coverage at my home but sometimes in the mornings my phone will roam. i have unlimited roaming so i don't really care but it seems strange.
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    Ya i have no cost roaming as well, it's just odd that it would go into roaming or not roaming from one day to the next in the exact same locations.
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    I've noticed this the first week I had the device. It doesn't seem to be doing it anymore. The only thing I changed was setting the warning prompts to "always" rather than automatic, under the roaming preferences.

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