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    The only indication i've seen that Kinoma is on my phone is when I went to YouTube from Blazer and tried to watch a video.

    How do you use it if you want to watch an SD card movie ? I don't have an icon for Kinoma on my phone anywhere.
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    Bundled Kinoma 1.0.4 is in the Centro ROM and hidden. No icon in the RAM. It is a basic stream player.

    You can launch it by using Resco Explorer and go into the devise ROM and to 'miniplayer' and open it with Resco Explorer.

    It won't do anything when launched. It needs a Blazer stream URL to use it.

    Hence the requirement to upgrade to Kinoma 4.xx or use something else.

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    ahh.. gotcha ! thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bayareastank View Post
    ahh.. gotcha ! thanks.
    And if you decide to upgrade, just search the web for "kinoma upgrade discount" to learn how to get it at a special price.

    -- Charles Wiltgen
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    Im willing to bet that it's the same "hidden" Kinoma player Sprint uses for SprintTV.
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    Its embedded into the ROM.
    at&t iPhone3G

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