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    Is there a way to remap that green button to do something else? To answer calls, I just press the center button and never use that green button.

    Palm Centro
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    while in sms you can use the green button to call that person.
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    Quote Originally Posted by edm203 View Post
    Is there a way to remap that green button to do something else? To answer calls, I just press the center button and never use that green button.
    In Hobbyist's Butler, you can remap the Green or Phone button to be an "all in 1" phone button, like the old Treos. When you hit it, it brings up the dialer, one more time will bring up the recent call history, one more will dial that number.

    Then I remap the remaining key (phone or green) to my Contacts.

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    Ya that button is really kind of useless in my opinion. I don't know why Palm moved the Menu button to a very inconvenient spot, took a spot on the hard buttons for the 'phone' button and them made that useless green button. In my opinion it's a total design blunder.
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    I totally ignore the button and never use it. Good to hear it's not totally useless (well maybe it is).
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    I use LudusP 1.9 on the Centro and 700p to remap the Send button to launch Mundu IM....

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    They probably put the green button in there so when you let your friend use your phone they know what button to press.
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    I had to upgrade to 4.51 to get the assign green button to "All in One" because 4.21 didn't give the option on Centro. Since my 1 year of free upgrades had expired, I had to pay $9.95.
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    If you use Zlauncher, you can remap the green button to bring up Quicklauncher to launch your list of favorite programs. Really convinient using it this way.
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    Wait a minute..doesnt anyone use this button to go to the main screen or use that screen that it takes you to as thier main screen? (the screen which either has the dialpad or wallpaper)
    Ive always used that button to get out of an app.,screen, or likewise
    Maybe im missing something and/or everyones using a way thats far easier than ive been using
    For instance..while using the dialpad/wallpaper screen I can tap down on the 5 way nav key to bring up my menu.

    I need a little advise/quick class on this subject.
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    I use LudusP and map the green button as the home button. I use quick switch on the other 4 hard buttons.
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    I also use LudusP, and map the green button as the menu button.
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    does butler do what ludusp can do regardng re-assigning the buttons?
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    Quote Originally Posted by headcase View Post
    I also use LudusP, and map the green button as the menu button.
    Agreed, I do this too. It is the best use of the button, IMHO, because I never got over the move of the menu button down to the right corner in the 700p.
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    I think whatever7 hit the nose on the head. I had a 650 for years and my wife wouldn't touch it. Ever since I got the centro she has no issue picking the phone up and making calls. She uses a standard flip phone.

    In fact, she hated my treo and now she wants a centro. Go figure. Palm was trying to grab a new audience and I was doubtful the new form factor was going to attract that much more attention, but given my wife's reaction, I guess its working.
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    Now I am confused. I am in an app right now, blazer. if I hit the green button nothing happens. It is a dead useless key in every app except the phone app, where it brings up the recent call list. but there is no gain in functionality because on my 650 I could get the recent call list by hitting the phone button while on the phone page. The phone key is a dead key in the phone app, and the green key is a dead key everywhere else. why add a key if you are going to make a key dead and nonconfigurable in every app?
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    yikes, no one gets an incoming call while on the phone? I heartily use it as a flash function to switch between calls.

    it takes practice, as my friend couldn't find a way to switch between calls; he kept using the "hang up all" option and call me back.

    the switch/"flash" function comes up when hitting the green button once, and then the centro asks for confirmation to use it as a "flash" button. confirm and then it becomes the flash between phone calls.
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    you know...if you want to end your current call and pick up the incoming call, just hit the end button, wait a few seconds and that incoming call will start ringing again.
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    Yeah that's the Sprint implimentation. When I had Tmobile/unloced I actually had a switch call virtual button.
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    So if you remap the green button. does that break its use as flash when a call is active?

    Sometimes you wouldn't want to hang up the original there another way to "flash" than the green button?
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