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    think you cand do it on screen
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    Quote Originally Posted by crogs571 View Post
    you know...if you want to end your current call and pick up the incoming call, just hit the end button, wait a few seconds and that incoming call will start ringing again.
    I wonder if this works with the call switching; I pick up incoming call and when I'm finished, I hit red/END and wait for the phone to ring again to get back to the original call.

    I recently got caught with the 2nd call "coming through", as I thought I had ended the call but it went to hold... I thought I hung up or both of us hung up. The initial caller went through a dead zone and I continued to talk until my 2nd call startled me by asking what I was talking about; I was wondering WTH we hung up with each other 15 minutes ago! Good thing I wasn't gossiping about him, heh...
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