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    Anyone considering a Touch? Or has already switched to the Touch?

    While I like my 755, I have grown tired of the Palm OS. With Palm not coming out with something for long while & the Foleo fiasco it seems that every move they make is bad.

    If anyone has switched, how did you move you contact and calendar info to the new device?
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    I considered it came very close to pulling the trigger when I decided that my centro was much easier to use and much faster with one button launching compared to the touch screen
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    Owned a 600 for 18mos., worked great but didn't love the screen. Moved on to the 650 for 2yrs., worked great, stable for 18mos., unstable for the last 6mos. Last week, I decided to leap into the world of WM via the Sprint Touch, nice looking device but I will be returning it today for a 755p. I miss the simplicity of POS and the shortcuts that a physical keyboard affords you. The virtual keyboard on the Touch is surprisingly easy to type on and I could text/email with speed and accuracy, but no shortcuts is a pain. I'm coming home Palm.
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    Had breakfast w/a buddy who just go his.
    It's pretty slick & if Iwere a WM guy I'd seriously consider getting one.
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    I considered it... but i hate to duplicate with another (expensive) device any function my Treo can do... So I passed...

    To be able to use my 755p as a video player and music player was part of the $200 i paid for it...
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    I think majority of PalmOS users will have a hard time converting to the Touch. First you lose the keyboard, then 1 handed use, shortcuts, and relearning WM6 all together. You would need atleast a good month to get used to WM6. I went from a 600 > 650 > 700p > now to a Mogul. Took me about that long to get comfortable with my mogul with a lot of tweaks to get it as close to 1 hand use. If you're thinking about the Touch, keep it for atleast 3 weeks. That should be a good enough time frame for you to know if you'll be happy with it.

    As far as moving contacts..there is a thread on that talks about it. I dont remember the link anymore but it involves deleting hotsync on your PC and using Palm Outlook to sync your current contacts to Microsoft Outlook. You can then sync Outlook to your WM device. The other way is to buy a 3rd party program, I forget the program but it allows you transfer your PalmOS contacts to WM device.
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    as my 755p is dieing out, i'll stop by sprint store to get mine fix (or get another one). I tried centro, I loved it, maybe i'll play around w/ touch for a bit while they test out my phone. I might walk out with one ahah... I'm losing faith on palm os... if I get another 755p, it'd be 6th 755p in 7 months.. woah- that's almost one per month!!
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    I have had a touch for about 2 weeks, just trying to give it a fair shake. It looks great and the internet is way faster then blazer. Better camera too...but not having a keyboard to feel is killing me and I found myself looking for apps to make the Touch more like my Treo so whats the point.

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